Just kidding, he dc'd in the middle of attempts and furiously beat himself to sleep, with both hands, sorry you missed the kill. 

Big ups to Bloodyhoof for stepping in and allowing us to continue. All it took was Shoults to take off his yamaka, put down the dreidel and face fuck the Scary Fog to net us a kill.

Great job everyone, except Skizo. Beru was right about you...

We're also recruiting a good Mage / Warlock / Shadow Priest. Please contacts us via forums or in game.

P.S. We've got dicks like Jesus.
Skiza a Haha that picture is hilarious man...where do you get this stuff? According to one of my maids the cable people already...
Amethyst Kinshar told me I should come check out your kill pictures. I now believe he should be required to change his FB profile...

Amber Shaper Down! 11/16 H

hugs a posted Jan 28, 13
A relatively easy fight after Strugglebear played Maury Povich and we found out Skizo wasn't the father.

I want to thank everyone for putting in the time and effort to make this work. I really look forward to 5.2 when we can really start to test ourselves.

We forgot to take a picture, so I had to make my own.

Namour Thanks Sushi - agree except for the fact that I R WISE HUNTARD, not some fucking soft ass clothie mage.
Beru Wow, this is amazing. Namour is the best.
Faithsin I want to be Denzel Washington next time.
Not much to say, Wind Lord Mel'jarak down and we found out Namour lives in Chicago.

Great job so far, everyone! Let's keep on blowing through content. Looking forward to 5.2.

Namour Gotta stop drinking on raid nights...felt like a crazed chicken last night during a couple of those pulls...although you...
Skiza a It's raining men! Aleluyah! It's raining men! Yay yay!
Shoults a We Still Love you Namour
After a night or two of gargling enough of Imperial Vizier Zor'lok's nut that we had to have our stomachs pumped, the stars aligned and the wonderful 8 lb 9 oz baby Jesus blessed us with a kill.

Much love to our resident Bull Fighter for sitting out for the kill. We love you, buddy.

Skiza a Hugs man...that is the funniest shit i have ever seen dude... kudos sir ... massive kudos
Laisee a hahahahahahaha I'm crying at the inserted pic of skizo.

Free at last, Free at last.

hugs a posted Jan 10, 13
Hurricane Beru, the destroyer of guilds and Honda Accords, blew through early this week. Displacing 10's of people in her massive wake. 

Thankfully the strong community banded together and rose up through the rubble. We introduce, Fully Torqued.

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